Published on May 11th, 2018 | by The Hezekiah Walker Show with Neicy Tribbett

“Holy Day for the Matriarchs” – Your Mother’s Day Music Playlist

Mother’s Day has to be one of the biggest holidays celebrated in church. Rivaling Christmas and Easter, the day celebrates the first teacher and biggest influence in a child’s life – mother. The inspiration that is celebrated on Mother’s Day is of unconditional love, strength, fortitude, wisdom that embody the foundation of many communities. Whether birthed by, taken care of, reared, guided and nurtured by women, the title of mother is for those who embody the role. Remember Grandma’s guidance or Ma’Dear’s convenance to steer you in the direction you should go? The tough as leather love and no holds bar truth telling from the person who says “I ain’t one of your little friends” – that is one of the many phrases in the language of motherhood.

As we approach this widely celebrated holy day, we can get in the spirit early with the musical artists who sang and wrote the songs for this very theme. Aside from the classic soul songs we’ve come to know such as The O’Jay’s “I’ll Always Love My Mama” or Boyz to Men’s “Mama”, the world of Inspirational and Gospel music has always held down the lyrics dedicated to mom. Shirley Caesar alone has her own mini discography for her mother inspired music. From Anthony Hamilton (pre-Hamiltones) to Melvin Couch, here is a playlist of inspirational songs dedicated to mother.

“Everyday Is Like Mother’s Day” – Shirley Caesar

“Mama’s Kitchen” – CeCe Winans

“Mama Knew Love” – Anthony Hamilton

“Special Lady” – The Winans

“If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again” – Mahalia Jackson

Mama Prayed For Me” – The Williams Brothers

“Hello Mother” – The Canton Spirituals Live In Memphis

“If I Could Hear My Mother Pray” – The Staple Singers from Faith and Grace

“Tears Mama Cried” – Candi Staton

“Never Be Another Like My Mother” – Melvin Couch

“I Love You, Mama” – Shirley Caesar



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